Nude, Nerdy, and Loving It!

Disclaimer: This post contains nudes, lewds, and other states of undress from various cosplayers, sex workers, and body positivity folks. This post is 18+ technically speaking, but I’m not going to age restrict it. If this is something that offends you, do not look at this post. Also, do not harass the lovely people featured in this post. Support them properly.

Before I share some AMAZING people I know and found on the internet, I would like to share a thread from a friend of mine that will explain what NerdyBebop represents and will do as we trek along.

With all of that said, NerdyBebop will always be a space where we accept, respect, showcase, and feature all walks of nerdy space. In terms of this post and beyond, lewd cosplays are still cosplays, lewd cosplayers or cosplayers who do sexy cosplays are still cosplayers, and sex workers are still worthy of love, respect, honor, kindness, and money because SEX WORK IS STILL WORK. Now that we got all the “legals” out the way…HERE ARE SOME AMAZING LEWD, SEMI-NUDE, BODY POSITIVE FOLKS IN THE NERD SPACE!

Ariya Raven Cosplay (she/her): Instagram/OnlyFans
Kali Neko (she/her): Instagram/OnlyFans
Ebunni_purrl (she/her): Instagram/OnlyFans
CX Cosplay (he/him): Instagram
SuperNova Cosplay (they/them): Instagram/OnlyFans
CyRhen (she/her): Instagram/OnlyFans
Suqi Yomi (she/her): Instagram
Mashonem (he/him): Instagram
Mama Miya Cosplay (she/her): Instagram
Body Hair Sempai (she/her): Instagram/OnlyFans
Jade Aurora (she/her): Instagram

Kevin DeShields Jr (he/him): Instagram
Tiburon Cosplay (she/her): Instagram/OnlyFans
Charanne (she/her): Instagram/OnlyFans
Pink_cyndaquil (they/them): Instagram/OnlyFans
Maki Roll (she/her): Instagram/OnlyFans
King Kitsu (he/him): Instagram/ Ko-Fi


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