Nerdvana: A Guide to the Experience

We are about two or less days away from Nerdvana, let’s take a look into what Nerdvana is and how you can right before May 3rd!

What is Nerdvana?

Taken from the lovely people of Nerdlesque Festival and Flying V, “The Nerdvana Experience is nerdy nightlife re-imagined; combining classic events like live drawing, trivia, burlesque, TED talks with dynamic, sexy, nerdy performance art. It is a celebration of radical nerdiness, sexual expression and freedom to show up as you are. Curated by award winning cosplayer and performance artist Maki Roll; each experience is designed to leave you reeling with a new appreciation for pop culture, live art, and alternative night life. Grab a ticket to an event that tickles your fancy or grab a festival pass for the whole week!”

Picture of the Nerdvana flyer. It says "The Nerdvana Experience" with a dark skinned "alien" with huge dark fuchsia afro puffs, wearing a yellow bikini and thigh high purple boots.

Where is Nerdvana?

Glad you asked! Nerdvana will be held at the Black Box Theater in Silver Spring, MD!

Venue Location information:

Black Box Theater (Map)

8641 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

COVID Policies for Silver Spring Black Box Theater are HERE

Public transit:

Silver Spring Metro Station (Red line)


  • Street parking, if available
  • Free parking at garage (Town Square Garage #61) Entry on Ellsworth Drive
Picture of the Silver Spring Black Box Theater (Outside). The sign is black and white, against blue brick.

What can I expect to see?

Nerdvana is going to be from May 3rd – 8th and the events are coming in FAST!

Image and hyperlink to the event Hitchhiker's Guide to Nerdlesque with Maki (she/her) and Martika (she/her). 

It says "Resting at the intersection of swarovski capes, sparkly spandex and erotic fanfiction, Nerdlesque is an artform unlike any other. This course is two parts. In the first, award-winning cosplayer, burlesque performer, and sexy nerd Maki Roll will teach you how to elevate your pop culture performance art, and undress your favorite nerdy characters (and concepts). In the second part of the course, One-Woman Stunt Show Martika Daniels will walk you through Silk Fans 101, a hands on course leading participants through the stunning art of silk fan performance."
Image and hyperlink to the event Nerd Safe For Work, hosted by Rae Pendergrass (they/them). 

It says "May the 4th be with you! Talk Nerdy to me, baby! Grab a drink and join Rae Pendergrass of Nerd Nite DC on a journey way way way down the rabbit hole as they host a TED Talk-style event that explores the topics we never covered in Junior High health class. This show will feature presentations on 3 different "where sexuality meets popular culture" topics woven together by a visual performance at the end, by third presenter Martika, that ties it all together."
Image and hyperlink to the event Sip N' Strip/Tassels N' Trvia.

It says "Picture it (literally)! 7pm's Sip & Strip - an opportunity to bring your pencils and paper, grab a drink and sketch two performance artists ripped straight from the comic pages. No art skills necessary, we don't judge. (Includes one drink ticket for registrants 21+) 

At 8:30pm the space will flip and 6 teams of 4 will compete in a sexy, nerd trivia night: Tassels & Trivia. While we've only got space for 6 teams to compete for prizes, your general admission ticket allows you to watch, laugh, play along on the big screen and go "oh gosh I knew that!"
Image and hyperlink to The Main Event: Nerdvana!

It says "YOU SHALL NOT PASS up this opportunity! Are you ready to sit in the space where nerd culture and burlesque meet? We can't wait to meet you there. Hosted by Nerdlesque Festival boss-lady and cosplay powerhouse, Maki Roll, this is going to be an unforgettable evening of sexy, nerdy burlesque performance where you can let your freak flag, and your geek flag, both proudly fly. Nerdvana is the heart of the Nerdvana Experience, and we're pulling out ALL the stops. The best part? This isn't even our FINAL form!"
Image and hyperlink to the Nerdvana Experience Swap and Shop!

It says "Hello, traveler, need something for your quest? Something a little nerdy, a little sexy, a little cool? Join the Nerdlesque/Flying V family on Sunday morning to sample our wares and trade some of your own! The marketplace will be open from noon til 5pm, and filled with more than 20 vendors/artists with magical merchandise available - unique nerdy brands/businesses, fun, sex positive shops, and the highly curated closets of some primo performers presenting sexy cosplays, well preserved burlesque costumes, and even a few props. All this to some laid back tunes with available brunch snacks. Come hang out with us as the Nerdvana Experience week winds down. We'd love to see you."

Who all gonna be there?

See, I knew I liked you!

The AMAZING Performers

And the FABULOUS Vendors!

Image is logo for The Lich Omoi, which is a golden yellow circle with 2 layers of black circles inside. The first layer says "The Lich Omoi" and the second has a unique emerald like shape. Image is clickable and leads to their instagram.

How do I help spread the word?

Make sure to follow The Nerdvana Experience through Nerdlesque:

(click the images for links!)

Image is the Nerdlesque Festival logo. It Says "The 6th International" in light pink lettering over "Nerdlesque Festival" with pink, magenta, and purple marbling with "Presented By Maki Roll" in pink lettering underneath, against a dark purple background. Image is clickable and leads to a multi-link page.

Also keep up with Flying V:

Image is logo for Flying V which is a hot pink background with "Flying" in black lettering with a stylized "V" with wings under it. Image is clickable and leads to a multi-link page.

If you go to Nerdvana, use the following hashtags to keep up with the adventures:




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