Finding Your Way: a BELLE Review

TW/CW: This article will discuss grief. The movie itself deals with death of a parent and there is abuse against children. I don’t discuss the abuse in the article, but know that it’s in the movie if you choose to see it. Also, this does get spoiler-y. Grief isn’t linear. Grief is the kind of […]

Feature Friday: Pros and Cons Cosplay

“I realized very recently that I have a lot of difficulty relaxing, and enjoying the process. I was working on a costume that I was stressing out about recently and Con literally had to tell me “who cares if you mess this up? This is an opportunity to have fun and try something new” and it never even occurred to me to just enjoy the mistakes, the trials, and the learning.”

Feature Friday: CyRhen

Name: CyRhen (she/her) Age: 30 G/S Identity: Woman/Pansexual Occupation: Artist, Cosplayer Brand: GlamTrashZodiac Socials: Instagram, OnlyFans In keeping with the spirit of who and what NerdyBebop is, the following interview will be getting to know the human behind the art, CyRhen. NB: What do you do for self-care? CyRhen: I definitely turn to gaming, art, […]

Barren: A Saturday to Remember

Title: Barren: The Think Line Between Life and Death, issue 1 Writer: C.J. Labbé Illustrator/Colorist: Toyin Ajetunmobi Letterer: Rick Joseph It has been a while since I have been blessed with a new comic to read. I was looking for something fresh and exciting that I couldn’t put down. A real page turner that still […]

Nude, Nerdy, and Loving It!

“…lewd cosplays are still cosplays, lewd cosplayers or cosplayers who do sexy cosplays are still cosplayers, and sex workers are still worthy of love, respect, honor, kindness, and money because SEX WORK IS STILL WORK.”

28 Days of Black Cosplay: DC Comics Edition

Hello! Yes, I’m back with another drop of some AWESOME cosplays in celebration of #28DaysOfBlackCosplay! Thank you so much for making the first one so popular. It was a lot of fun to do and I’m glad it made people happy and reminded some folks that we outchea and KILLING THE GAME! To do some […]

“There’s Always A Way.” : a Vessels of Light Review

“CreateLadyJ embodied a full Kingdom Hearts journey and went through the same trials and tribulations that you would expect of any of the lead characters, no matter if it’s Sora or Aqua. Troubled Waters was her powerful adult moment where she saw the darkness that lies in her, but like Sora or Aqua, that doesn’t define all that she is. “

Are anime boys BETTER than real guys?

(This review was previously posted on another blog. It is my own work, I own the rights to this piece.) “Anime boys are better than real guys!” Said no one ever. Well… that’s a lie; someone probably said that at one point in their life. I can see why they said it, and maybe somewhere […]


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