28 Days of Black Cosplay: DC Comics Edition

Hello! Yes, I’m back with another drop of some AWESOME cosplays in celebration of #28DaysOfBlackCosplay! Thank you so much for making the first one so popular. It was a lot of fun to do and I’m glad it made people happy and reminded some folks that we outchea and KILLING THE GAME!

To do some maintenance, after this post, I’ll make sure to add pronouns to the cosplayers I post. I will retroactively do that for this and the last post. Also, these kinds of posts will be done at least twice a week during this month. Now that I got that out the way, ENJOY THIS FIRE!!!!!

[Feature picture credit (from left to right): Phresh x Bear, Jormos Korii, Eko Cosplay]

Note: When using the hashtag “28DaysOfBlackCosplay”, please use “…CamelCase and capitalize the first letter of every word. This means that the words in the hashtag are read out correctly by screen readers. It also makes them easier to read for everybody else. For example, you would write #HowISee, rather than #howisee.“

Cosplayer: Bawb Mobile
Cosplayer: BWildd Cosplay
Cosplayer: De Williams
Cosplayer: Geeky Mimi
Cosplayer: Wendall Wayne II
Cosplayer: Ash Slay
Cosplayer: Belleawesum
Cosplayer: Yoyo Cosplay
Cosplayer: Remy
Cosplayer: Gremlin Cupcake
Cosplayer: Dark Lord Saber
Cosplayer: Vera
Cosplayer: Jormos Korii
Cosplayer: Cloud
Cosplayer: Swaggy Cosplayer
Cosplayer: Neon
Cosplayer: TaLynn Kel
Cosplayer: Sano The Lantern
Cosplayer: Cascade Cosplay
Cosplayer: B Nimble Cosplay
Cosplayer: Akilah Nisa
Photographer: Jeff Georges/Cosplayer: eizseri0us(Instagram) [Their account is private]

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